April 29, 2021

Giovanni Rocco walked the tightrope of an undercover operative deftly for years, infiltrating the DeCalvacante crime family in New Jersey. Rocco grew up in Bayonne, New Jersey, where the presence of organized crime loomed. Despite some minor rabble-rousing in his youth, Rocco avoided going the way of the wiseguy. A career in law enforcement beckoned as an escape, and kept up family traditions. He succeeded as a street cop, maintaining a no-nonsense persona. His career would be made when he began an undercover assignment. Under the name Giovanni Gatto, he operated as a fence for stolen goods and soon had an “in” with the New Jersey crime family. The operation would take Rocco into the upper echelons of the DeCalvacante family, yet his work proved burdensome on his home life. His professional successes caused him to miss out on family time. Rocco conveys the frustrations of his double life poignantly throughout this revelatory read, a captivating true-crime thriller from start to finish and a new gem for Mafia book fans.

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